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Shine Coating Off-Road Cleaning Bundle

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Shine Coating Off-Road Cleaning Bundle includes two cans of Shine Coating, two bottles of Ultra Wash & Wax high foaming soap, and two bottles of Quick Clean Multi-Purpose cleaner. This kit leaves a high gloss shine and protection while making the cleanup process easier.

Kit Includes:

  • 2- Shine Coating -High gloss shine for plastic/vinyl 
  • 2- All-Purpose Cleaners 16oz
  • 2- Ultra Wash & Wax Soap- High suds with gloss 32oz

 Shine Coating

Make cleanup easier while keeping your UTV, ATV, and Dirt Bike protected and looking new. Simply spray on before hitting the trails or track and cut your post-ride cleanup time, or apply after cleanup to bring back a high gloss shine. Great for hard-to-reach areas, protects against UV damage, and helps bring back faded plastics.


  • Makes cleaning up quick & easy
  • Leaves a high gloss water resistant shine
  • Help keep mud and clay from sticking
  • Restores shine to dull surfaces
  • Protects plastic & vinyl from UV fading
  • Great for hard-to-reach areas

 Ultra Off-road Wash & Wax Soap

Ultra Off-road Wash & Wax is a concentrated high foaming formula that gives superior lubrication to loosen mud and grime from your UTV, ATV, or dirt bike. Safe and effective for multiple vehicle types and leaves a clean streak-free finish.


  • High foam formula for foam guns
  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces 
  • Loosens mud, dirt & grime from surfaces
  • Leaves a clean, streak-free shine
  • Ultra-Concentrated formula 
  • 32oz size bottle

Quick Clean

Quick Clean All-Purpose cleaner provides ultimate cleaning power that easily cleans and removes mud stains, grease, grime, oil, and bugs. Safe to use on exterior plastics, vinyl, metal, rubber, and most fabric surfaces. 


  • Ultimate cleaning power with no greasy residue.
  • Natural degreasers that quickly cut grease and grime.
  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces.
  • Can be diluted up to 5:1 on delicate surfaces.
  • Easily removes mud stains, bugs, grease, and oil.
  • 16oz size bottle