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SHINE COATING-High Gloss,Wet Look-Multi Surface, Easy To Use


AK Shine Coating is a silicone based aerosol spray that quickly treats dry, faded plastics, rubber and vinyl. The Shine Coating is great for hard-to-reach areas and protects against UV damage, while restoring faded plastics. Apply to your street vehicles trim, and off-road UTV, ATV, and Dirt Bike to help keep mud and grime from sticking, cutting cleanup time in half. Spray on before hitting the trails or track and cut your post-ride cleanup time, or apply after cleanup to bring back a high gloss shine.


  • Leaves a high gloss water resistant shine
  • Help keep mud and clay from sticking
  • Makes clean up quick & easy
  • Restores shine to dull plastic surfaces
  • Protects plastic & vinyl from UV fading
  • Great for hard to reach areas
  • Silicone-based plastic and rubber detailing spray

NOTE: If riding in mostly dry dusty conditions, spray on a light coat and buff in for less chance of dust sticking. You can also use the liquid water-based version  Plastic Shine & Protect that dries to the touch, and less chance of dust from sticking.