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ULTRA WASH & WAX SOAP-High Foaming-Streak-Free Finish-Offroad-Street


Ultra Wash & Wax is a concentrated high foaming formula that gives superior lubrication to loosen mud and grime from your Car, Truck, UTV, ATV, or dirt bike. The Ultra Wash is blended with Carnauba Wax that leaves a light protective coating on the surface and a clean streak-free finish. 


  • High foaming formula 
  • Safe to use on multiple vehicles
  • Loosens mud, dirt & grime 
  • Leaves a clean, streak-free shine
  • Highly Concentrated formula
  • 32oz 

DIRECTIONS: For best results ensure the vehicle is out of direct sunlight. Make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Add 2-3 ounces of the Wash & Wax to a wash bucket, and fill the bucket with clean water. Foam Guns: Use 2-5 Ounces of Soap. Rinse any heavy mud off prior to applying soap. Wash with your preferred wash mitt, and then dry with a microfiber drying towel.