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EZ-CLEAN Mud Guard 4 Pack


When it comes to keeping your vehicle clean and mud-free, EZ-Clean Mud Guard's 4-pack is the way to go. This ceramic-infused coating creates a powerful hydrophobic bond on your vehicle's surface, preventing mud from sticking and making cleanup a breeze. With a smooth non-greasy protective layer, any mud that does accumulate can be easily washed off without the need for reapplication. EZ-Clean Mud Guard is safe and effective for a range of surfaces, from newer plastics and vinyl wraps to painted metal and glass. Plus, it offers UV protection to help prevent fading. Stock up and keep your ride looking like new with EZ-Clean Mud Guard.

If you are looking to bring back the shine from your faded plastics we recommend the Plastic Shine & Protect or Shine Coating.


  • Cuts Cleanup in half
  • Designed for newer surfaces
  • Coating lasts multiple washes
  • Non-silicone, Doesn’t attract dust
  • Help keep mud & clay from sticking
  • UV Protection from fading
  • Safe for multiple hard surfaces

Tip: Apply Surface Prep Cleaner before applying EZ-CLEAN to remove any dirt, dust, and oils. This will allow for maximum bonding, longevity, and performance. 

Directions: SHAKE WELL before use. Spray on a cool clean surface. The cleaner the surface the better bond and performance. Next, buff in with a microfiber towel, and wipe off. Add our Plastic Shine & Protect on top of bare plastic and rubber for high gloss protective shine.