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Ceramic Quick Detailer 4 Pack


Get ready to protect your car's exterior with our 4-pack of AK Ceramic Detailer. Each application delivers exceptional gloss and slickness, providing unparalleled protection against UV rays and contamination. Our SiO2 hybrid technology provides ceramic wax protection that's more than just conventional wax. With extreme water beading action, each application creates a slick, non-stick finish that repels water and reduces water spots. Use it on any exterior surface, including paint, plastic, glass, exhaust, chrome, wheels, vinyl wraps, stainless steel, and more. With our 4-pack, you'll have enough AK Ceramic Detailer to last you for months to come.


  • Protects against UV rays, and contamination
  • Enhances existing ceramic-coated vehicles
  • Leaves a high gloss shine.
  • Spray on, Buff in
  • Makes washing your car easier
  • Safe on multiple hard surfaces
  • Use as stand-alone paint sealant 
  • Enhances existing ceramic sealant

Tip: Apply Surface Prep Cleaner before applying the Ceramic detailer to remove any dirt, dust, and oils. This will allow for maximum bonding and longevity.