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Ceramic Quick Detailer 2 Pack


Experience double the protection with our 2-pack of AK Ceramic Detailer. Our advanced SiO2 hybrid technology delivers ceramic wax protection that's more than just conventional wax. With extreme water beading action, each application creates a slick, non-stick finish that repels water and reduces water spots. Use it on any exterior surface, including glass, plastic trim, chrome, and wheels. With our 2-pack, you'll have everything you need to keep your car's finish looking brand new.


  • Protects against UV rays, and contamination
  • Enhances existing ceramic-coated vehicles
  • Leaves a high gloss shine.
  • Spray on, Buff in
  • Makes washing your car easier
  • Safe on multiple hard surfaces
  • Use as stand-alone paint sealant 
  • Enhances existing ceramic sealant

Tip:ApplySurface Prep Cleaner before applying the Ceramic detailer to remove any dirt, dust, and oils. This will allow for maximum bonding and longevity.