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EZ-CLEAN Mud Guard 2 Pack + Surface Prep Cleaner

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EZ-CLEAN Mud Guard instantly bonds to surfaces leaving a water-resistant clear protective layer that helps keep mud, clay, and grime from sticking. Any accumulated mud washes off easily. This formula will not attract dust or make surfaces greasy. Just a small amount of EZ-CLEAN goes a long way and only takes a few ounces to coat an entire vehicle.

Safe and effective for Plastics, Vinyl Wraps, Fiberglass, Glass, Plexiglass, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, Aluminum, Painted Metal surfaces, and more.


  • Makes Cleanup Quick & Easy
  • Help Keep Mud & Grime From Sticking
  • Protects From UV fading
  • Non-Silicone, Doesn’t Attract Dust.
  • Last Multiple Washes

    Note: Apply Surface Prep Cleaner before applying EZ-CLEAN to remove any dirt, dust, and oils. This will allow for maximum bonding and longevity. 

    Directions: SHAKE WELL before use. Spray on a cool clean surface. The cleaner the surface the better bond and performance. Next, buff in with a microfiber towel, and wipe off. Can be applied after cleanup to bring back the factory shine, and added protection. Add our Plastic Shine & Protect for high gloss shine for bare plastics, and rubber surfaces.