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March 21, 2019 2 min read

Whether you’re a previous customer or you just came across our site for the first time, we want to welcome you to Armor Kote! At Armor Kote, we’re just as passionate about four-wheeling as you are. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in off-road racing and understands the excitement of being out in nature on an ATV or UTV.

As you know, there are few things that can ruin a day out on the trail. One thing, unfortunately, is having to spend hours cleaning your machine following your ride. You can picture it now — all that caked-on mud, ice, and other grime staring at you in the face, almost as if it’s mocking you.

It used to be almost impossible to thoroughly clean a four-wheeler. We are proud to say that Armor Kote is changing the game with our revolutionary ATV cleaner. Keep reading to learn how Armor Kote got started and why it makes sense to invest in our ATV cleaning products.

About Armor Kote Products

Believe it or not, that aforementioned mud and grime can cause your equipment to break down sooner. Long before Armor Kote was created, our team struggled with generic cleaning products and saw firsthand the importance of an effective ATV cleaner. So we got our hands dirty (literally) and came up with something better — Armor Kote.

It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a slow day in nature by yourself or taking on backcountry trails with friends. The reality is that you need a product that protects your machine. From what we’ve seen, Armor Kote is second to none in terms of preventing mud, dirt, clay, grass, and grime from sticking to a hard surface.

But that’s not the only benefit of using Armor Kote! With our Shine Coating and EZ-CLEAN products, you can cut your post-ride cleanup time in half while continuing to keep the treated surfaces looking incredible. Part of what makes Armor Kote different from the average ATV cleaner is that its formula contains no silicone and will not attract dust or sand.

Give Our ATV Cleaner A Try

Want to try Armor Kote on something other than an ATV? Not a problem! Armor Kote can safely be applied to a number of surfaces, including vinyl, plastics, carbon fiber, matte finishes, painted surfaces, aluminum, metals, and other hard surfaces. Use it on UTVs, dirt bikes, trucks, car trim, lawn mower decks, boats, snowmobiles, and so much more.

Just think how much more fun you’d have four-wheeling if you knew cleanup wouldn’t be an absolute pain. Thanks to Armor Kote, that dream can become a reality! Our products are formulated for any adventure and will keep your machine looking new for years to come. Plus, in contrast to other ATV cleaning products on the market, there’s no mess to worry about.

It’s time to give your ATV or UTV the protection it needs. Shop the collection of products at Armor Kote today!